media quotes

…visually stunning, strong, expressive lighting… Fiona Spitzkowsky, TheatrePeople, August 15 2015.

Niklas Pajanti…creates evocative backgrounds which set the scene for the universality of the themes. Greg Elliot, InDaily, October 01 2015.

…an unforgettable physical experience of sound and light…like stepping into an alternate reality. Madhvi Pankhania, The Guardian, June 20 2015.

The lighting… is very beautiful and bold. Liza Delfouli, Australian Stage, November 17 2015

Niklas Pajanti’s fittingly bold lighting design focuses attention and creates beautiful silhouettes of the performers.

Reuben Liversidge, Performing ArtsHub, October 11 2014 .

… Lighting (Niklas Pajanti)…exemplary and flawless throughout. Coral Drouyn, Stage Whispers,  March, 2013. 247 Days, Chunky Move

…experimental use of lights and reflection. Gabrielle Easter, TimeOut Melbourne, March, 2013. 247 Days, Chunky Move

…Niklas Pajanti’s meticulous lighting…lifts the production into a heightened realm, multiplying and refracting reality. Chloe Smethurst, The Age, March 2013. 247 Days, Chunky Move

…an exceptional lighting design. Richard Watts, arstHub,  October 21, 2012. An Act Of Now, Chunky Move

…extraordinary lighting design. Alison Croggan, Theatre Notes, October 21, 2012. An Act Of Now, Chunky Move

Niklas Pajanti’s lighting is exquisite in its creation of the void-like world…It made the stage look beautiful and intriguing… Anne-Marie Peard, Aussietheatre, July 13, 2012. Queen Lear, MTC

…expertly lit by Niklas Pajanti. Simon Parriss, Simon Parris: Man in a chair, July 13, 2012. Queen Lear, MTC

Niklas Pajanti’s palette of absolute darkness and focused illumination is gorgeous. Alison Croggan, Theatre Notes, July 13, 2012. Queen Lear, MTC

…the design possesses a chiselled power… Cameron Woodhead, The Age, Feb23, 2012. The Wild Duck, Malthouse Theatre

…cinematic…extreme naturalism…stark emptiness… Kate Herbert, Theatre Reviews, Feb 22, 2012. The Wild Duck, Malthouse Theatre

…The lighting by Niklas Pajanti is exceptional. Lynne Lancaster, artsHub, 20 February, 2012. Baby Teeth, Belvoir Theatre

…the design is exemplary in how it contributes to the meaning of the performance. Alison Croggan, Theatrenotes, 30 March 2011. The Wild Duck, Belvoir Theatre.

…Niklas Pajanti’s lighting design is ravishing… Jason Blake, The Sydney Morning Herald, 9 February 2010. Spring Awakening, Sydney Theatre Company.

…part rock-n-roll/part art-installation lighting design. Michael Parry, ArtsHub, 16 February 2010. Spring Awakening, Sydney Theatre Company.

…I feel I’m in very good hands, I like the lighting, it’s much darker than it was at MoMA, which makes me feel a bit more comfortable. Tim Burton, The Australian, 23 June 2010. Tim Burton The Exhibition, ACMI.

…especially fine lighting effects by Niklas Pajanti. Nick Dent, Timeout Sydney, 14 February 2009. Baghdad Wedding, Company B.

…beautifully rendered and evocatively lit… Boris Kelly, ArtsHub, 12 February 2009. Baghdad Wedding, Company B.

…Niklas Pajanti’s wondrous lighting achieves intimacy and scope. Bryce Hallett, The Sydney Morning Herald, 13 February 2009. Baghdad Wedding, Company B.

…a spectacular lighting design by Niklas Pajanti. Augusta Supple, Australian Stage, 16 July 2009. The Promise, Belvoir Theatre.

…I could not imagine this production without the inspired lighting design by Paul Jackson and Niklas Pajanti. Simonne Michelle-Wells, Australian Stage, 9 August 2009. Strangeland, NYID.

…heightened by some moodily expressive lighting from Niklas Pajanti. Alison Croggon, Theatrenotes, 21 September 2009. One Night The Moon, Malthouse Theatre.

…Niklas Pajanti’s lighting design melds seamlessly into the setting to help create indelible images. I G Mykyta, ArtsHub, 11 March, 2008. When The Rain Stops Falling, Brink Productions.

…The Lighting design (Niklas Pajanti) is detailed and remarkably beautiful. Kevin Jackson, Theatre Reviews, 7 July 2008. Spring Awakening, Company B.

…the lighting by Niklas Pajanti…is transportingly beautiful… Kevin Jackson, Theatre Reviews, 19 September, 2008. Yibiyung, Company B.

…beautiful lighting by Niklas Pajanti. Alison Croggon, Theatrenotes, 14 August 2007. Holiday, Ranters Theatre.

… gorgeously lit… Alison Croggan, The Australian, 29 November, 2007. Not What I Am – Othello Retold, The 11th Hour.

…lushly lit in the dark cavernous spaces of the theatre… Alison Croggan, Theatrenotes, 13 September, 2005. The Crucible, The 11th Hour.

. . . a finely honed lighting design by Niklas Pajanti. . . Hilary Crampton, The Age A2, 23 November 2004. Under the Weather, Tracie Mitchell.