Niklas Pajanti

Lighting Designer

Piece For Person and Ghetto Blaster – Nicola Gunn

Created by Nicola Gunn @ ArtsHouse.  2015 photos ©.

The lighting… is very beautiful and bold.” Liza Delfouli, Australian Stage, November 17 2015.

Niklas Pajanti’s lighting design looks terrific.” Owen Richardson, Daily Review, November 13 2015.

Bass Bath

Created by Byron Scullin @ Dark MoFo.

Bass Bath was unquestionably the highlight of the fest.” Clem Bastow, The Guardian, June 24 2015.

“…an unforgettable physical experience of sound and light…like stepping into an alternate reality.” Madhvi Pankhania, The Guardian, June 20 2015.

Spectra – Dancenorth and Batik

Choreographed by Kyle Page. Digital art by Tatsuo Miyajima. 2015 photos © Kyle Page & Scout Edwards.

Niklas Pajanti…creates evocative backgrounds which set the scene for the universality of the themes.” Greg Elliot, InDaily, October 01 2015.





The Dead Twin – Site Specific Performance

Written by Chi Vu. Directed by Deborah Leiser-Moore  2015 photos © Jave Lee.

The Dead Twin is visually stunning, using space, bold lighting…

…strong, expressive lighting, designed by Niklas Pajanti.” Fiona Spitzkowsky, TheatrePeople, August 15 2015.


The Experiment

The Experiment @ Melbourne Festival, Sydney Festival and Adelaide Festival.

Written by Mark Ravenhill. Composed and directed by David Chisholm. Photos by Jamie Williams © 2015.

The sound and lighting in particular is excellent, adding to a sense of dread and unspeakable, unknown horror.” Elle Hunt, The Guardian, January 16 2015.


Semaphore – Kate Neal

Semaphore @ ArtsHouse. Composed by Kate Neal. Directed by Laura Sheedy. Photos © 2015.

…intricate interplays of light and sound; Semaphore is an ingenious visual and sonic experience.” Arts Review, May 26 2015.



The Complexity of Belonging – Chunky Move

Created by Anouk van Dijk and Falk Richter.

A co-production between Chunky Move, Melbourne Theatre Company, Melbourne Festival, Brisbane Festival and Théâtre National de Chaillot @ Southbank Theatre Melbourne, 2014 photos © Jeff Busby.

Niklas Pajanti’s fittingly bold lighting design focuses attention and creates beautiful silhouettes of the performers.”

Reuben Liversidge, Performing ArtsHub, October 11 2014 .

The Beast – Melbourne Theatre Company

Created by Melbourne Theatre Company @ Southbank Theatre. Written by Eddie Perfect. Directed by Ian Sinclair. 2013 photos © Jeff Busby.

Esther Marie Hayes’ costumes and Niklas Pajanti’s lighting work together in a kind of faultless fugue.” Byron Bache, The herald Sun, October 08 2013.

Atomic – Dreamingful Productions

Created by Dreamingful Productions @ NIDA. Directed by Damien Gray. Book and Lyrics by Danny Ginges. Music and Lyrics by Phillip Foxman. Associate lighting designer Ross Graham. 2013 photos ©  Gez Xavier Mansfield Photography.

Niklas Pajanti’s lighting is the stuff of rock concerts.” Jason Blake. The Sydney Morning Herald. November 20 2013.
Niklas Pajanti’s lighting is blindingly spectacular.” Lloyd Bradford Syke. Daily Review, Crikey. November 21 2013.




M+M – Daniel Schlusser Ensemble

Created by Daniel Schlusser Ensemble @ Theatreworks for Melbourne Festival 2013 photos © Daisy Noyes.

Rupert – Melbourne Theatre Company

Created by Melbourne Theatre Company @ The Playhouse Arts Centre Melbourne. Written by David Williamson. Directed by Lee Lewis. 2013 photos © Jeff Busby.


The Cherry Orchard – Melbourne Theatre Company

Created by Melbourne Theatre Company @ Southbank Theatre. Written by Anton Chekhov. Directed by Simon Stone. 2013 photos © Jeff Busby.

“…an elegant and simple frame in which the action of Chekhov’s play is boldly brought to life. Stunning.” Alison Croggan, The Guardian, August 16 2013.



Sunday In The Park With George – Victorian Opera

Created by Victorian Opera @ The Playhouse, Arts Centre Melbourne. Music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. Book by James Lapine. Directed by Stuart Maunder. 2013 photos © Jeff Busby.

“…a magnificent production, a stunning and original artistic vision expertly executed.” Bradley Storer, Theatre Press, July 21 2013.

Angels In America – Belvoir Theatre

A Gay Fantasia on National Themes. Part One: Millennium Approaches. Part Two: Perestroika.

Created by Belvoir Theatre. Written by Tony Kushner. Directed by Eamon Flack. 2013 photos © Heidrun Lohr and Robert Catto.

…Niklas Pajanti’s stunning lighting design.” Benjamin Neutze,, , 3rd June, 2013.

The lighting design, by Niklas Pajanti (associate Ross Graham), takes in the extremes of drama and simplicity with sumptuous washes of colour and intimate, tiny moments – it’s terrific.”  Diana Simmonds, Stage Noise, 2nd June 2013.




Hollywood Costume – Melbourne Winter Masterpieces

Created by Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The Australian Centre For The Moving Image @ Federation Square. 2013 photos © Mark Ashkanasy.


247 Days – Chunky Move

Created by Chunky Move @ The Malthouse, Merlyn Theatre. Dance Massive Premiere. Choreographed by Anouk van Dijk. 2013 photos © Pia Johnson and Jeff Busby.

“… Lighting (Niklas Pajanti)…exemplary and flawless throughout.” Coral Drouyn, Stage Whispers,  March, 2013.

“…experimental use of lights and reflection.” Gabrielle Easter, TimeOut Melbourne, March, 2013.

“…Niklas Pajanti’s meticulous lighting…lifts the production into a heightened realm, multiplying and refracting reality.” Chloe Smethurst, The Age, March 2013.



An Act of Now – Chunky Move

Created by Chunky Move @ The Myer Music Bowl. Melbourne Festival Premiere. Choreographed by Anouk van Dijk. 2012 photos © Jeff Busby.

Winner of The Age Critics Award for best major new Australian work premiering at the Melbourne Festival.

“…an exceptional lighting design.” Richard Watts, arstHub,  October 21, 2012.

…extraordinary lighting design.” Alison Croggan, Theatre Notes, October 21, 2012.

The School For Wives – Bell Shakespeare Company

Created by Bell Shakespeare Company. Australian national tour. Written by Molière. Directed by Lee Lewis. 2012 photos © Brett Boardman.

Niklas Pajanti’s admirable lighting…served to subtly highlight the development of the story.”  Carol Flavell Neist, arstHub,  July 13, 2012

Game Masters The Exhibition – Melbourne Winter Masterpieces

Created by The Australian Centre For The Moving Image @ Federation Square. 2012 photos © Mark Ashkanasy.

“There’s no doubt that Game Masters is about as good as an exhibition of videogames could presently hope to be. It is among the best—if not the best—of its kind.”  Daniel Golding, Game On, 10 July 2012.

Queen Lear – Melbourne Theatre Company

Created by Melbourne Theatre Company @ Sumner Theatre. Written by William Shakespeare. Directed by Rachel Mcdonald. 2012 photos © Jeff Busby.

Niklas Pajanti’s lighting is exquisite in its creation of the void-like world…It made the stage look beautiful and intriguing…” Anne-Marie Peard, Aussietheatre, July 13, 2012.

“…expertly lit by Niklas Pajanti.” Simon Parriss, Simon Parris: Man in a chair, July 13, 2012.

“Niklas Pajanti’s palette of absolute darkness and focused illumination is gorgeous.” Alison Croggan, Theatre Notes, July 13, 2012.



Australia Day – Melbourne Theatre Company

Created by Melbourne Theatre Company @ Playhouse Theatre, Arts Centre Melbourne. Written by Jonathan Biggins. Directed by Richard Cottrell. 2012 photos © Jeff Busby.


William Kentridge: 5 Themes

Presented by The Australian Centre For The Moving Image @ Federation Square. Organised by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Norton Museum of Art. 2012 photos © Mark Ashkanasy.

“The show is gobsmackingly tremendous.” W. H. Chong, Culture Mulcher, 23 May, 2012.

The Wild Duck 2012

Created by Belvoir @ Malthouse Theatre. Written by Henrik Ibsen . Directed by Simon Stone. 2012 photos © Pia Johnson.

“…the design possesses a chiselled power…” Cameron Woodhead, The Age, Feb23, 2012.

“..cinematic…extreme naturalism…stark emptiness…” Kate Herbert, Theatre Reviews, Feb22, 2012.

Spicks & Speck-tacular The Finale

Created by Token Events in association with Australian Broadcasting Corporation

National Australian tour, photos © 2012 Pia Johnson